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Ahmad The Guided One By Lain Adamson

فہرست مضامین

Ahmad The Guided One By Lain Adamson

Ahmad The Guided One By Lain Adamson

The Messiah, promised for all the world in the Quran, the Bible, the Torah, the Vedas and the scriptures of all the world’s great religions, has arrived! ‘I will unite all religions and all mankind. I am the Promised One.’

This was the claim of Ahmad more than a hundred years ago. On that first day, in a small Indian town, just 40 followers took the covenant of allegiance to him. Today millions of people – among them a World Bank Director, a Noble Prize winner, Government Ministers, Judges, Surgeons, Millionaires, people of all descriptions follow his teachings.

They believe that Ahmad was sent by God to unite the world under Islam over the next 200 years. Already his Movement is established in more than 180 countries.

This is the first biography in English of Ahmad who said that he came in the gentle spirit of Jesus. But Christian, Hindu, and Muslim priests alike received him with physical violance. His followers, as in early Christian times, have been murdered and persecuted.

Iain Adamson, a former foreign correspondent and the author of four highly-acclaimed biographies, has studied Ahmadiyya Movement in India, Pakistan, Europe and in North America.

The result is a fascinating biography relating the story of a religious movement that is widely acknowledged as the most dynamic missionary organization in the world. It is also an enthralling detective story. Adamson examines and wonders why the Holy Cloak of the first Sikh Guru is embroidered with Qur’anic verses. He investigates the astonishing claim that a tomb in Kashmir is that of Jesus.

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