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ملاحظات علامہ نیاز فتحپوری دربارہ جماعت وبانی جماعت احمدیہ

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ملاحظات علامہ نیاز فتحپوری دربارہ جماعت وبانی جماعت احمدیہ

ملاحظات علامہ نیاز فتحپوری دربارہ جماعت وبانی جماعت احمدیہ

Mulahizat Niaz Fatehpuri 
by Mohammad Ajmal Shahid, USA.

Mulahizat Niaz Fatehpuri is based on impartial and unbiased observations of a well known legendary figure and critic, Allama Niaz FATEHPURI, after the study of some literature of AHMADIYYA Jamaat. He also had some personal interviews and discussions with the members of AHMADIYYA Jamaat, LUKNOW, India.

Niaz MUHAMMAD Khan (1886-1966) who also bears a historical name Liaquat Ali Khan, was well known an Urdu poet, writer and polemicist. He was the founder and editor of NIGAR, a most prestigious monthly Journal of subcontinent. He started writing in favour of AHMADIYYA Jamaat in NIGAR, in the late sixties of the last century. His writings stirred the whole religious world and many speculations were discussed. How a person who was known for his critical and aggressive writings against so called religious scholars of the time, should appreciate the claims of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad(as), and project his Jamaat as the most beautiful and practical form of Islam.

Niaz FATEHPURI wrote on diverse aspects of AHMADIYYA Jamaat. He was particularly attracted by the commentary of the Holy Qur’an by Hazrat Muslih Maud(ra), which according to him is the first and unique commentary which satisfies the mind of a modern man.

Niaz FATEHPURI took the pains in his old age to visit QADIAN ~ the Headquarter of the Jamaat, to assess the practical aspects of the members of the Jamaat and was very much impressed by meeting the DARVESHS who dedicated their lives for the cause of Ahmadiyyat – the true Islam.

It is pity that the custodians of his literary and religious pursuits, are trying to black out his views about the AHMADIYYA JAMAAT. The humble self met Dr. Farman FATEHPURI in late sixties at his residence in Karachi and told him that justice demands that along with other aspects of ALLAMA NIAZ FATEHPURI his views about Ahmadiyyat should be acknowledged but they lack the courage of their mentor and master. 

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